Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One of the Chosen

We are taught, that many are called but few are chosen. How lucky are we, that of the 7 billion or so people God created, us few 100,000, give or take, are going to heaven. Faith is a precious gift. That means, God is going to destroy more than 99% of the undying souls He has created, in vengeance to Eve picking the apple from the tree. How fortunate are we that we have been blessed with this precious gift of living faith!

This was the most disturbing "reality" I had to face as a believer. Some of my friends and family were going to burn for eternity because they did not receive this precious gift of faith? I was told that God gives everyone a chance. Many are called but few are chosen. I wondered how this was remotely possible before the time of technological communication. How could it be that every person who has ever lived on this earth has had an awareness of this very tiny Kingdom and been given a time of visitation? I heard recently of some groups of people who have no record of being contacted by the modern world. How are they given a time of visitation? Well here's the answer I received; "God works in mysterious ways, don't question and believe all sins an doubts forgiven in Jesus name and precious blood."

That answer did not ease my aching soul. I could simply not adhere to the idea that somehow, I was one of the chosen. That despite the fact that there are many churches that claim their way is the truth, mine was the only true way. I could not accept that my God, my loving, all mighty, all powerful God would create so many living souls, only to send them into an eternity of suffering and damnation. If God is so powerful why does Satan control more than 99% of the world? What kind of God would create so many people just to send them to hell? This seemed so evil and twisted. I simply could not and still cannot accept this to be true. And if it is so, I do not want to spend eternity with such a being. What reward could possibly be waiting for me from such an angry and vengeful God?


  1. I must not really believe it at all. Seriously. Because it doesn't make me crazy that my neighbors don't believe the same way we do. I have two neighbors that are "born-again Christians" and when I told one of them that we don't believe in watching TV, she got mad and said it was ridiculous and no one was going to hell for watching TV. People just think you're crazy when you tell them. And somewhere inside, I think I think it's crazy too. Like it makes a difference to anyone but us. Other people don't care if we don't watch TV except to think we're weird. We think it's a big deal, or somebody thinks it's a big deal, or not so many people would hide their TVs in the basement and watch it down there with the door shut instead of putting it out in the living room like everyone else does. It's one of the rules that isn't a rule that you don't have a TV. Unless you get it for "watching home movies of your kids". And then you just watch shows on it late at night when everyone else is in bed. Or just watch them on the computer. Which is worse because they are less filtered. So I think it is one of the not-a-rules that helps us remember that we are not the same as the world. I think a lot of them are made up so that it's easy to say which side of the line you are on. They can identify you.

    You, you're a believer. You do all the right things. You don't dress too crazy, and your clothes are pretty loose on you. You don't listen to jazzy music, you only have church music on. You're okay.

    Now that one over there, she listens to *whispers* some instrumental music that is a little bit too jazzy, and I worry about her. Maybe her heart isn't in the right place. She doesn't come to haps very much. She just goes and hangs out with those wild kyds - that Joe guy and Cassie and Marja. They shouldn't isolate themselves so much or people will start to talk. And her clothes are just too...worldly. She should wear looser tops so guys aren't always ...looking at her. I think she wears a little makeup. Her face is just too pretty to be natural. I don't know...

    Isn't that dumb? Who do we think we are? Why do we all have to be so much alike before we accept each other? Why do we think our way is the best way? What if it's not?

    REALLY, PEOPLE!!!!! WHAT IF IT'S NOT AND THIS HAS ALL BEEN A BIG LIE? What if doubting isn't really a sin? Thomas doubted Jesus Christ. Did Jesus call him out and hit him with a big 2 by 4? No. He said "Come over here. Look. Touch. See?? Does that help you?" I don't think God gets mad when we wonder about stuff. I think he is pretty tickled because he made us to be SMART and to ask questions. Otherwise we would be dumb like little kids our whole life and walk around like stupid people and get taken advantage of all the time. Come to think of it....are we already? Think about THAT. What if saying WHAT IF is not a sin?

    1. Please post comments to your hearts content. The image of Jesus with a 2x4 is priceless!! Love your commentary!

  2. ! I was just thinking of this! Maybe when Jesus was talking about being childlike he was recommending we be curious and ask questions freely as a child does... Can anyone tell me of a child that does not ask countless questions every single day? Maybe He was saying Also to view people for WHO they are, not what we think they are based on our biases. I'm planning to write a post on this soon.

  3. Also, whoever you are, that comment is hilarious! "Did Jesus hit him with a 2x4? No!!" Making me laugh hysterically!

  4. The chosen one stuff is a bunch of conflicting messages. First of all, there is nothing we can do, supposedly. He has chosen us, we have not chosen Him. And there is nothing we can do about that, so depending on how you look at it, you might be lucky, or you might be screwed. Well, then the bible also says, I have not lost any, not one. OK, in that case we're all good, so go ahead and flash those earrings. But then, we are taught that there are these things we must avoid doing, or we'll be lost. Huh? Am I chosen or saved or lost or ......

  5. Haha! Maybe I could volunteer to pinch hit for Jouko some fine Sunday morning. People might throw songbooks at me. They'd be awake, though.

    It'd probably start a riot. They'd all stand up and start singing so loud they couldn't hear me, and the elders would do one of those things like they do at concerts where people crowd surf, where they just pass you to the back of the room. Somebody would be holding the door open and they would just give me a good ol' heave ho and toss me right on outside.

  6. Especially if you are female. No way are you allowed to say anything at the front of the church.


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