Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tears, Prayers and Hope for a Tragedy

Regardless of each of our opinions on the tragedy we are all well aware of involving Nina Koistinen and her 6-day old baby, I think we can all agree in one thing and that is that this is the time for love, for support and empathy for Nina, Brad and their family. Let this be the time for tears, for prayers and support to one another. In this tragedy may there be some hope for a brighter future for those who struggle.

If anyone would like to donate for legal support for Brad and Nina at this time, the Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church website says "a private account has been set up at Wells Fargo for legal support for Brad and Nina. The account number is 2197004332, name of the account is, "Bradley Koistinen legal fund". People can contribute by simply calling the bank and making whatever donation they wish. At this time it is a private account with no affiliation with the church."

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth."
-1 John 3:18

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  1. dear nina-from the heart of one mother to another, i melt & weep for the depths of your sorrow & for all the lives shattered by this tragedy. i do not know the details, only what little bit i have heard & read, but as a new believer(x-llc), i am compelled to reach out in hopes that a dose of deep compassion will touch your spirit. no one can truly share or know your pain, perhaps not even the truth of what happened, becuz the point of perception is unique to each, & narrated by life experience. you cannot atone a life lost, whether accidental, natural, or intentional, anymore than u can run away from yourself. U-r all u've got rite now, & u r good enuf. at your core lives & breathes the spirit of your creator-in whom we live & move & have our being. we r but cogs in the great circle of life, each w/our own desperate duty to fulfill in the master plan to attain a universal nirvana. those who suffer deep, shall also have comfort deep. there is a well of strength, courage, & that comfort, open to u w/every breathe u take. this one thing i want most to impress upon u, body breathe. practice, practice, practice. start by just thinking in/out, til u catch yourself thinking elsewhere, rite back to in/out. take as much time, to do this as much time, as it takes. ultimately, thats all anyone of us has, time. in my experience it leads to a relaxation that allows u to release that breath control & enable your body to breathe its own. it may pant, puff, constrict, contort, & may seem to be an exorcism(perhaps it is-or maybe thats just my exp.-can't find any info on my body breathe theory) so hope u will just take my(anonymous) word for it. ultimately, it is just breathing, all natural & safe, giving yourself into the care of that first breathe of life endowed by our Creator. and has been, for me, a healing of mind & body, opening to a space of peace & spirit that is indescribable. it will follow u into, & change, your daily life. that u will know God "knows your needs & doth provide u, luvs u every day the same, even calls u by your name." in my trial, i could not fathom how events could work out to any good end & told God-u gotta take this cuz anything i try just screws it up worse. let go & let God. that trust that came w/knowing his presence while body breathing was justly rewarded. the resolution to my situation came about in a fashion i would never have considered, was achieved w/o force or trial(literally-having been tied to cps/law enforcement, judicial system & family strife) & just reliving it makes my heart soar w/gratitude. truly miraculous. & all i had to do was lie down, let go, & let it be. having been raised in church & now raising 6 of my own, i feel an empathy for u trying to bear up thru this w/all the dogma of religion bearing down on u. i wanted to share w/u to offer an alternative that no one needs to know u have, but u. much, much love & wishes for bountiful blessings to u & yours & prayers of strength & courage to help carry y'all thru.


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